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 CompanySymbolLocationIndustryMkt Cap%  
CHDT Corporation CHDO.OB Cooper City, FL Unknown $12.3M 100
ZNext Mining Corp., Inc. ZNXT.PK Unknown N/A 100
NVCN Corp. NVCP.PK Mendota Heights... Unknown N/A 100
VillageEDOCS Inc VEDO.OB Tustin, CA Business Servic... $5.3M 100
American Select Portfolio Inc. SLA Closed-End Fund... $125.6M 100
American Strategic Income Port ASP Closed-End Fund... $44.6M 100
American Strategic Income Port CSP Closed-End Fund... $238.1M 100
American Strategic Income Portfolio Inc. II BSP Closed-End Fund... $171.2M 100
Minnesota Municipal Income Por MXA Closed-End Fund... $53.9M 100
Glu Mobile, Inc. GLUU San Mateo, CA Multimedia & Gr... $144.3M 100
China Industrial Waste Management, Inc. CIWT.OB Dalian116600, C... Unknown N/A 100
American Racing Capital, Inc. AMRA.OB San Diego, CA Unknown $2.6M 100
NextPhase Wireless, Inc. NPHS.OB Anaheim, CA Unknown $2.4M 100
Worldwide Strategies Incorporated WWSG.OB Denver, CO Unknown $1M 100
NewMarket Technology Inc. NMKT.OB Dallas, TX Telecom Service... $33.3M 100
Tailwind Financial Inc TNF Toronto, Canada Diversified Inv... $108.3M 100
Epicor Software Corp. EPIC Irvine, CA Application Sof... $456.7M 100
AgFeed Industries, Inc. FEED Nan Chang City,... Processed & Pac... $470.9M 100
Enova Systems Inc. ENA Torrance, CA Diversified Ele... $83.8M 100
Alpine TLI Group, Inc. APGR.PK Unknown N/A 100
Apogee Robotics, Inc. APRB.OB West Palm Beach... Unknown $1.4M 100
BLINK COUTURE INC BLKC.OB Vancouver, BC, ... Unknown N/A 100
Brownie's Marine Group, Inc. BWMG.OB Fort Lauderdale... Unknown $1.7M 100
Danka Business Systems PLC DANKY.OB St. Petersburg,... Unknown $6M 100
Ecolocap Solutions Inc ECOS.OB Montreal, QC, C... Unknown N/A 100

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