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 CompanySymbolLocationIndustryMkt Cap%  
North Dallas Bank & Trust Co Tex NODB.OB Dallas, TX Unknown N/A 100
VCG Holding Corp. VCGH Lakewood, CO Business Servic... $79.4M 93
American Community Newspapers Inc. ANE Dallas, TX Publishing - Ne... $4.3M 93
Lighting Science Group Corporation LSCG.OB Dallas, TX Unknown $155.5M 92
Silverleaf Resorts Inc. SVLF Dallas, TX Property Manage... $86.7M 92
BioTech Medics, Inc. BMCS.PK Unknown N/A 92
NexTech Solutions, Inc. NXSL.PK Unknown $28.5M 92
T Bancshares, Inc. TBNC.OB Dallas, TX Unknown $15.3M 92
Mesa Energy, Inc. MSEG.PK Dallas, TX Unknown $15.6M 92
Mortgage Assistance Center Corporation MTGC.OB Dallas, TX Mortgage Invest... $2.1M 92
EVCARCO, Inc. EVCA.OB Fort Worth, TX Auto Dealership... $2M 92
OmniAmerican Bancorp, Inc. OABC Fort Worth, TX Banking $124.5M 92
Archipelago Learning, Inc. ARCL Dallas, TX Education & Tra... $278M 92
Cambium Learning Group, Inc. ABCD Dallas, TX Education & Tra... $149M 92
Golden Autumn Holdings, Inc. GAHIE.OB Dallas, TX Unknown $44.3M 92
Hear AtLast Holdings, Inc. HRAL.PK Dallas, TX Unknown $118.5M 92
IElement Corporation IELE.OB Dallas, TX Unknown $833,970 92
Belo Corp. BLC Dallas, TX Publishing - Ne... $1B 84
American Enterprise Development Corp. AEND.PK Unknown $1.1M 84
FBR Capital Markets Corporation FBCM Arlington, VA Asset Managemen... $317.9M 84
Tyler Technologies Inc. TYL Dallas, TX Technical & Sys... $589.1M 84
SWS Group Inc. SWS Dallas, TX Investment Brok... $474.2M 84
Artfest International, Inc. ARTIE.OB Addison, TX Unknown $2.2M 84
Babcock & Brown Air Limited FLY Dun Laoghaire, ... Rental & Leasin... $490.6M 84

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