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 CompanySymbolLocationIndustryMkt Cap%  
New Oriental Energy & Chemical Corp NOEC Xinyang, China Specialty Chemi... $73.4M 100
SinoCoking and Coke Chemical Industries, Inc. SCOK Pindingshan Cit... Coal Mining $303M 100
Quaker Chemical Corp. KWR Conshohocken, P... Specialty Chemi... $296.2M 92
Chemical Financial Corp. CHFC Midland, MI Regional - Midw... $575.7M 92
China Titanium & Chemical Corporation CTPJA.OB Calgary, AB, Ca... Unknown N/A 92
Nano Chemical Systems Holdings, Inc. NCSH.PK Seaford, DE Unknown $782,890 92
Fairmount Chemical Co., Inc. FMTC.PK Unknown N/A 92
General Chemical Group Inc. (The) GNMP.PK Hampton, NH Unknown N/A 92
Imperial Chemical Industries Plc. ICIYY.PK London, United ... Unknown N/A 92
Princeton Chemical Research, Inc. PRCH.PK Unknown N/A 92
Specialty Chemical Resources, Inc. SCCS.PK Unknown N/A 92
U.S. Shanghai Chemical Corp. USCJ.PK Shanghai, China Unknown N/A 92
Phoscan Chemical Corp. FOS.V Toronto, ON, Ca... Mining (Non-Oil... N/A 92
Greenstone Holdings, Inc. GSHN.PK Unknown $324,50 85
ICx Technologies, Inc. ICXT Washington, DC Scientific & Te... $205.9M 85
Gulf Resources, Inc. GFRE.OB Shouguang City ... Unknown $222.4M 85
Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc. SYMX Houston, TX Specialty Chemi... $309.5M 85
PharmAthene, Inc. PIP Annapolis, MD Diversified Inv... $57.4M 85
China GengShang Minerals, Inc. CHGS.OB Henan451271, Ch... Unknown N/A 85
Zep Inc. ZEP Atlanta, GA Cleaning Produc... $345.9M 85
Shengdatech, Inc. SDTH Taian City, Chi... Specialty Chemi... $435.7M 85
Haynes International Inc. HAYN Kokomo, IN Steel & Iron $790.2M 85
ADA-ES Inc. ADES Littleton, CO Specialty Chemi... $57.9M 85
Steadfast Holdings Group, Inc. STHG.PK Unknown $1.8M 85
Pro-Pharmaceuticals Inc. PRW Newton, MA Drugs - Generic $17.7M 85

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