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 CompanySymbolLocationIndustryMkt Cap%  
Jinhua Marine Biological (USA), Inc. JNMB.PK Brossard, Canad... Unknown N/A 100
Greenstone Holdings, Inc. GSHN.PK Unknown $324,50 96
ICx Technologies, Inc. ICXT Washington, DC Scientific & Te... $205.9M 95
PharmAthene, Inc. PIP Annapolis, MD Diversified Inv... $57.4M 95
Immunosyn Corporation IMYN.OB La Jolla, CA Unknown $775.2M 94
SIGA Technologies Inc. SIGA New York, NY Drug Manufactur... $99.8M 94
Halozyme Therapeutics, Inc. HALO San Diego, CA Biotechnology $418M 94
MiddleBrook Pharmaceuticals, Inc. MBRK Germantown, MD Drug Manufactur... $249.9M 93
Clearant, Inc. CLRA.OB Los Angeles, CA Unknown $6.3M 93
China Biologic Products, Inc. CBPO People’s Republ... Biotechnology $282M 92
Cytomedix, Inc. CMXI.OB Rockville, MD Biotechnology R... $23M 92
Sequenom Inc. SQNM San Diego, CA Biotechnology $336M 85
Cell Genesys, Inc. CEGE South San Franc... Biotechnology $295.3M 85
ArQule Inc. ARQL Woburn, MA Drug Manufactur... $175.5M 85
Zalicus Inc. ZLCS Cambridge, MA Biotechnology $122.5M 84
Immunicon Corp. IMMC Huntingdon Vall... Scientific & Te... $8.3M 84
Universal Detection Technology UDTT.OB Beverly Hills, ... Scientific & Te... $826,600 84
JMAR Technologies, Inc. JMAR.OB Carlsbad, CA Unknown $10.2M 84
Luminex Corp. LMNX Austin, TX Medical Instrum... $748.4M 84
Cytokinetics Inc. CYTK South San Franc... Biotechnology $184.3M 84
Compugen Ltd. CGEN Tel Aviv, Israe... Biotechnology $63.4M 84
Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Inc. INFI Cambridge, MA Diagnostic Subs... $151.9M 84
Celera Group CRA Norwalk, CT Scientific & Te... $984.5M 84
BioForce Nanosciences Holdings, Inc. BFNH.OB Ames, IA Medical Instrum... $8.7M 84
Cascade Microtech Inc. CSCD Beaverton, OR Electronic Equi... $99M 84

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