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 CompanySymbolLocationIndustryMkt Cap%  
Apple Rush Co., Inc. APRU.PK Unknown N/A 100
Big Apple Worldwide, Inc. BPWI.PK Longwood, FL Unknown $16.6M 90
Thorn Apple Valley, Inc. TAVI.PK Unknown N/A 88
Apple Valley Bank & Trust Company (CT) AVBK.OB Cheshire, CT Banking N/A 88
On the Go Healthcare, Inc. OGOH.OB Concord, ON, Ca... Unknown N/A 83
Big Rock Brewery Income Trust BR-UN.TO Calgary, AB, Ca... Industrial $107M 82
SkyPeople Fruit Juice, Inc. SPU PRC 710075 Beverages - Sof... $122M 81
comScore Inc. SCOR Reston, VA Business Servic... $654.8M 76
MetaPower International, Inc. MTPW.PK Vancouver, WA Unknown N/A 76
AFA Music Group, Ltd. AFAO.PK Unknown N/A 75
EnerBrite Technologies Group, Inc. ETGU.PK Unknown $184,70 75
Propalms, Inc. PRPM.PK North Yorkshire... Unknown $2.9M 75
Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. TYPE Woburn, MA Application Sof... $480.2M 75
USTelematics, Inc. UTLM.OB Wood Dale, IL Unknown $5.6M 75
Heart Health, Inc. HHEA.PK Unknown $552,50 74
PC Connection Inc. PCCC Merrimack, NH Catalog & Mail ... $288.4M 74
Entech Environmental Technologies, Inc. EEVT.OB Chino Hills, CA Heavy Construct... $522,450 74
BAB, Inc. BABB.OB Deerfield, IL Processed & Pac... $6.5M 74 Inc. STMP Los Angeles, CA Catalog & Mail ... $267.4M 74
99 Cents Only Stores NDN City of Commerc... Discount, Varie... $552.7M 74
En2Go International, Inc. ENGO.OB Studio City, CA Unknown $76.7M 74
Fuego Entertainment, Inc. FUGO.OB Miami, FL General Enterta... $9.8M 74
Ambassadors International Inc. AMIE Newport Beach, ... Personal Servic... $62.9M 74
Audible, Inc. ADBL Wayne, NJ Internet Softwa... $278.2M 74
Access Integrated Technologies Inc. AIXD Morristown, NJ Business Servic... $65.1M 74

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