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 CompanySymbolLocationIndustryMkt Cap%  
VeriFone Holdings Inc. PAY San Jose, CA Business Equipm... $1.1B 100
Greenstone Holdings, Inc. GSHN.PK Unknown $324,50 100
Acorn Energy, Inc. ACFN Montchanin, DE Computer Periph... $59.9M 100
V2K INTERNATIONAL VTOK.OB Lakewood, CO Unknown $6.2M 100
012 Smile.Communications Ltd. SMLC Petach-Tikva, I... Diversified Com... $253.7M 100
China Digital TV Holding Co., Ltd. STV Beijing, China Application Sof... $957.9M 100
Titan Global Holdings, Inc. TTGLE.OB Richardson, TX Unknown $19.2M 100
Broadpoint Securities Group, Inc. BPSG Albany, NY Investment Brok... $168.1M 100
Internet Brands, Inc INET El Segundo, CA Business Servic... $309.6M 100
Helios & Matheson North America, Inc. HMNA New York, NY Business Softwa... $5.4M 100
Chatsworth Data Solutions, Inc. CHWD.OB Chatsworth, CA Computer Periph... $3.1M 100
Edgeline Holdings, Inc. ELHI.OB Houston, TX Unknown $4.5M 100
Nutripure Beverages, Inc. NUBV.PK Unknown N/A 100
Gencor Industries Inc. GENC Orlando, FL Farm & Construc... $131.8M 100
China Precision Steel, Inc. CPSL Sheung Wan, Hon... Steel & Iron $261.6M 100
GS CleanTech Corporation GSCL.OB New York, NY Unknown $995,000 100
GS EnviroServices, Inc. GSEN.OB New York, NY Unknown $651,460 100
Life Exchange, Inc. LFXG.OB Miami, FL Unknown $58.3M 100
SecureCARE Technologies, Inc. SCUC.OB Austin, TX Unknown $1.3M 100
Copper King Mining Corp. CPRK.PK Unknown N/A 100
OrderPro Logistics, Inc. OPLO.PK Unknown N/A 100
Intelligentias, Inc. ITLI.OB Redwood City, C... Security Softwa... $20M 100
Robertson Global Health Solutions Corporation ASITD.OB Saginaw, WI Biotechnology $9.5M 100
Cardiff International, Inc. CDIF.OB Encino, CA Credit Services $3M 100
GlobalNet Corp. GLBT.PK Houston, TX Unknown N/A 100

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