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 CompanySymbolLocationIndustryMkt Cap%  
Federal Agricultural Mortgage AGM Washington, DC Credit Services $280.5M 100
180 CONNECT INC UNIT CNCTU.OB Englewood, CO Unknown N/A 84
180 CONNECT INC WTS CNCTW.OB Englewood, CO Unknown N/A 84
180 Connect Inc. CNCT.OB Englewood, CO Unknown $41.4M 84
Capitol Acquisition Corp. CLA Washington, DC Diversified Inv... $301.2M 84
Crawford & Co. CRD-B Atlanta, GA Business Servic... $298.2M 84
Global Brands Acquisition Corp. GQN New York, NY Diversified Inv... $330.6M 84
North Shore Acquisition Corp. NSAQ.OB Great Neck, NY Unknown $56.1M 84

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