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 CompanySymbolLocationIndustryMkt Cap%  
Franklin Credit Management Cor FCMC Jersey City, NJ Credit Services $7.2M 100
Axion Power International, Inc. AXPW.PK New Castle, PA Accident & Heal... $35.4M 95
UFood Restaurant Group, Inc. UFFC.OB Surrey, BC, Can... Unknown $67.7M 95
Emvelco Corporation EMVL Beverly Hills, ... Property Manage... $6.8M 95
Syntroleum Corp. SYNM Tulsa, OK Research Servic... $165.9M 93
Lacrosse Footwear Inc. BOOT Portland, OR Textile - Appar... $83.8M 93
Lotus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. LTUS.OB Boca Raton, FL Drugs - Generic $24.9M 93
DigitalFX International, Inc. DXN Las Vegas, NV Internet Softwa... $12.9M 93
En2Go International, Inc. ENGO.OB Studio City, CA Unknown $76.7M 93
Exobox Technologies Corp. EXBX.PK Houston, TX Unknown $106.7M 93
JAYHAWK ENERGY INC JYHW.OB Golden, CO Unknown $82.9M 93
Man Sang Holdings Inc MSHI.OB Kowloon, Hong K... Unknown $11.9M 93
North Shore Acquisition Corp. NSAQ.OB Great Neck, NY Unknown $56.1M 93
NuRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. NURX.OB Irvine, CA Unknown $113.5M 93
Titan Energy Worldwide, Inc. TEWI.OB San Diego, CA Unknown $4.4M 93
Golden West Brewing Company, Inc. GWBC.OB Chico, CA Beverages - Bre... $1.1M 93
BioTime, Inc. BTIM.OB Emeryville, CA Biotechnology $11.5M 93
Critical Therapeutics Inc. CRTX Lexington, MA Biotechnology $13.9M 93
Radcom Ltd. RDCM Tel Aviv, Israe... Computer Periph... $12.7M 93
SteelCloud Inc. SCLD Herndon, VA Diversified Com... $17.1M 93
Blackhawk Capital Group BDC, Inc. BHCG.OB New York, NY Diversified Inv... $4.1M 93
Alpha Security Group Corp. HDS New York, NY Diversified Inv... $71.8M 92
Advance Nanotech, Inc. AVNA.OB New York, NY Diversified Com... $8M 92
3DIcon Corporation TDCP.OB Tulsa, OK Unknown $19M 92
Arbios Systems, Inc. ABOS.OB Los Angeles, CA Medical Instrum... $5.6M 92

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