On December 20, 2007, Suncrest Global Energy Corp. entered into a share exchange with Beacon Enterprise Solutions Group, Inc. (website: http://www.askbeacon.com). Under the terms of the transaction, the shareholders of Beacon received 9,194,900 shares of Suncrest common stock, constituting a majority of Suncrest's 10,468,021 outstanding common shares as of the closing date, in exchange for 100% of the outstanding common shares of Beacon. After the share exchange, Beacon's officers assumed management control of the Company. Immediately prior to the closing of the transaction with Suncrest, Beacon completed the acquisition of the following IT/Telecom businesses: Advance Data Systems, Inc., d/b/a ADSnetcurve, Louisville, KY; CETCON Incorporated, Cincinnati, OH; Strategic Communications, LLC, Louisville, KY and; Bell-Haun Systems, Inc., Columbus, OH (the ``Initial Acquisitions''). These businesses have operating histories ranging from 11 to 30 years. These Initial Acquisitions represent the ...

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3353 South Main
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

tel: 702-946-6760


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Exchange: OTCBB
Industry: Unknown
Market Cap: $7.4M

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