Prior to the acquisition of Harland on May 1, 2007, M & F Worldwide had two business lines operated by Clarke American and Mafco Worldwide. Clarke American provided checks and related products and direct marketing services through two segments: the Financial Institution segment, which was focused on financial institution clients and their customers, and the Direct to Consumer segment, which was focused on individual customers. As a result of the acquisition of Harland, M & F Worldwide now has four business lines, which are operated by Harland Clarke, Harland Financial Solutions, Scantron and Mafco Worldwide. Subsequent to the closing of the Harland acquisition, Clarke American's check printing, contact center and direct marketing capabilities have been combined with Harland's corresponding business and operate under the name "Harland Clarke." Mafco Worldwide produces licorice products for sale to the tobacco, food, pharmaceutical and confectionery industries (which is M & F Worldwide's ...

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Exchange: NYSE
Industry: Business Services
Market Cap: $723.1M

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