Gulf Western is focused on the exploration and development of domestic petroleum and natural gas reserves in the United States. The Company currently has a strong portfolio of lease acreage projects in Texas, Kansas and Kentucky. It is also actively seeking out additional oil and gas resource opportunities that would benefit from its range of core competencies. Gulf Western was formed through a merger between Wharton Resources Corp., a development stage company with oil & gas lease acreage in Texas, Kentucky and Kansas, and of Georgia Exploration, Inc.

Gulf Western's primary asset is a high caliber management team with both upstream and midstream segment experience, as well as a proven track record of finding and developing commercial reserves. Pursuant to the merger, the management team is comprised of W. Milton Cox as Chief Executive Officer, Bassam Nastat as President and Don Sytsma ...

Contact Information

1776 Ocean Park Road
Surrey, BC V4A3L9

tel: 604-603-7787
fax: 713-979-3728


Investor Relations

Jon Cunningham
tel: 800-Red-Chip (733-24
e-mail: jon@redchip.com


Exchange: OTCBB
Industry: Oil and Gas Exploration, Development and Production
Market Cap: $8.1M

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