Blue Holdings, Inc., directly and through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Antik Denim, LLC and Taverniti So Jeans, LLC, designs, develops, manufactures, markets, distributes and sells high-end fashion jeans, apparel, and accessories under the "Antik Denim," "Yanuk," "Taverniti So Jeans," and "Faith" brands, and under its joint venture "Life and Death" brand, both in the United States and internationally. Blue Holdings currently sells men's, women's and children's styles. Antik Denim, Yanuk, Taverniti So, Life and Death and Faith jeans and apparel are made from high-quality fabrics milled in the United States, Japan, Italy and Spain, and are processed with cutting-edge treatments and finishes. Blue Holdings' concepts, designs, embellishments, patent-pending pockets and great attention to detail and quality give it a competitive advantage in the high-end fashion jeans market.

Contact Information

5804 East Slauson Avenue
Commerce, CA 90040

tel: 323-725-5555


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Exchange: NASDAQ
Industry: Textile - Apparel Clothing
Market Cap: $10.6M

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