Encorium Group, Inc. is a global clinical research organization that is a leader in the design and management of complex clinical trials and Patient Registries for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. The Company's mission is to provide its clients with high quality, full-service support for their biopharmaceutical and medical device development programs. Encorium offers therapeutic expertise, experienced team management and advanced technologies. The Company has drug and biologics development as well as clinical trial experience across a wide variety of therapeutic areas such as infectious diseases, cardiovascular, vaccines, oncology, endocrinology/metabolism, diabetes, gene therapy, immunology, neurology, gastroenterology, dermatology, hepatology, women's health and respiratory medicine. Encorium believes that its leadership in the design of complex clinical trials, its therapeutic expertise and commitment to excellence, and its application of innovative technologies, ...

Contact Information

One Glenhardie Corporate Center
1275 Drummers Lane Suite100
Wayne, PA 19087

tel: 610-975-9533
fax: 610-975-9556


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Exchange: NASDAQ
Industry: Research Services
Market Cap: $35.8M

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