AmREIT (Amex: AMY - News) is a growing real estate company that has delivered results to its investors for 22 years. Its mission is to build a real estate business with complementary operations that reduce AmREIT's overall sensitivity to changing market cycles - a company with strong earnings potential from multiple sources. This mission has led AmREIT into three distinct businesses. First, as a real estate development and operating company, it constructs, develops, acquires, disposes of, brokers, leases and manages properties for shareholders as well as for its asset advisory group and third parties. Second, AmREIT has an asset advisory group which raises private capital for and generates fees from merchant development partnership funds. Third, AmREIT owns a portfolio of "Irreplaceable Corners(TM)" - premier retail properties in high-traffic, highly populated areas - which are held for long-term value and provide a steady stream of rental income. As of June 30, 2007, AmREIT has over 500,000 ...

Contact Information

8 Greenway Plaza
Suite 1000
Houston, TX 77046

tel: 713-850-1400
fax: 713-850-0498


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Exchange: AMEX
Industry: Property Management
Market Cap: $42.7M

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