NxOpinion (pronounced next opinion), an entity of Robertson Technologies, Saginaw, Michigan, USA is a software that provides diagnostic decision support, electronic health records as well as monitoring and evaluation. It is the only product on the market that is capable of doing all of these functions and many more. NxOpinion is a software suite designed by and for healthcare workers, primary care providers, and physicians to provide multiple easy to use features that can meet the needs of basic healthcare in the rural areas of the world as well as state of the art hospitals and medical schools. The current version 3.0 became available on January 15, 2008 after more than three years in development, which included extensive testing, independent research validation studies and pilot studies in India, Africa and the Dominican Republic. It provides a medical knowledge database with 500 diagnosable diseases and is capable of being regionalized to specific conditions that rural health workers ...

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4215 Fashion Square Blvd
Suite 3
Saginaw, WI 48603

tel: 989-799-8720
fax: 989-799-8865


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Exchange: OTCBB
Industry: Biotechnology
Market Cap: $9.5M

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