Amarillo Biosciences, Inc. is a U.S. biotechnology firm operating in global partnership with the Hayashibara Group, which also holds 12% of Amarillo Biosciences' shares and has provided over $17.9 million in loans, grants and equity investments. The Company's primary focus is extensive and ongoing R&D into the use of low-dose, orally administered interferon as a treatment for a variety of conditions, including Sjogren's syndrome, Behçet's disease, and opportunistic infections in patients who are HIV positive. In its 23-year history, the company has invested nearly $38 million to establish oral interferon as a therapeutic agent. The majority of those funds were invested in clinical trials in an effort to achieve FDA approval for interferon. Additional information is available on the company web site at http://www.amarbio.com/.

Contact Information

4134 Business Park Drive
Amarillo, TX 79110-4225

tel: 806-376-1741
fax: 806-376-9301


Investor Relations



Exchange: OTCBB
Industry: Biotechnology
Market Cap: $8.9M

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