About Derma Sciences: Derma Sciences is a manufacturer and marketer of advanced wound care products, with operations based in the US and Canada, and sales worldwide. The company sources Active Manuka Honey from Comvita New Zealand, Ltd. Comvita controls over 70% of the flow of manuka honey, and owns several patents around the use of honey in wound dressings. In February 2006, Derma Sciences and Comvita entered into a licensing agreement granting Derma Sciences the exclusive rights to Comvita's technology and honey for marketing and sale to healthcare professionals into the North, South, and Central American markets. Derma Sciences is also the global manufacturer for the Comvita brand of several of the honey-based dressings. Comvita owns 14% of Derma Sciences stock (10% fully diluted), DSCI.OB. In June 2007, Derma Sciences' API-MED(TM) Antimicrobial Dressing with Active Manuka Honey was cleared by Health Canada. In July 2007, Derma Sciences' API-MED(TM) Active Manuka Honey Absorbent Dressing ...

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214 Carnegie Center
Suite 100
Princeton, NJ 08540

tel: 609-514-4744
fax: 609-514-0502


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Exchange: NASDAQ
Industry: Medical Instruments & Supplies
Market Cap: $33M

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