BioForce Nanosciences, Inc. (BFNH.OB) develops and commercializes nanotech instruments, consumables and applications for the life sciences. The Company has been providing consumable support products for atomic force microscopy (AFM) for over a decade. In 2005 BioForce introduced its own flagship instrument platform, the Nano eNablerâ„¢ System (NeN).

The NeN is a molecular printer that rapidly and precisely delivers liquids to surfaces such as silicon chips in droplets that are ten billion times smaller than a drop of blood. This unique capability offers researchers in industry and academia a practical solution to problems they encounter when ...

Contact Information

1615 Golden Aspen Drive
Suite 101
Ames, IA 50010

tel: 515-233-8333


Investor Relations

Jon Cunningham
tel: 407-644-4256
fax: 407-644-0758
e-mail: jon@redchip.com


Exchange: OTCBB
Industry: Medical Instruments & Supplies
Market Cap: $8.7M

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