Worldwide Manufacturing USA, Inc. ("Worldwide") is headquartered in the San Bruno, California. Subsidiaries include Shanghai Intech Electro Mechanical Products Co., Ltd., Chengde Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Intech Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Intech Precision Mechanical Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd., located in Shanghai and Changchun City, China. Worldwide is a 14-year-old engineering-oriented firm specializing in international contract manufacturing and is also a direct manufacturer of automobile air-conditioning units, die-casting and electronics components. Its customers include the industries of wireless telecommunications, aerospace, automobiles and medical equipment. Worldwide also manufactures components for industries of instrumentation, machinery, tools, home electrical solutions and electronic parts such as electronic toys. Worldwide's clear competitive advantage is its ability to timely deliver high quality components at manufacturing costs ...

Contact Information

1142 Cherry Avenue
San Bruno, CA 94066-6523

tel: 650-794-9888


Investor Relations

Jon Cunningham
tel: 800-733-2447
fax: 407-644-0758
e-mail: Jon@redchip.com


Exchange: OTCBB
Industry: Management Services
Market Cap: $18.4M

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