Delcath Systems, Inc. (The Company), a development-stage, oncology-focused, specialty pharmaceutical and medical device company, has developed a platform technology for chemosaturation that is designed to isolate specific organs or regions of the body from the general circulatory system, in order to deliver high dose chemotherapy or other therapeutic agents to a diseased organ or body region while at the same time reducing the potential systemic effect of toxicities.

Delcath is developing the Delcath Percutaneous Hepatic Perfusion (PHP) System (the “System”), an investigational system which is comprised of the chemotherapeutic agent melphalan combined with a proprietary administration system. The System is designed to provide a regionalized approach for the treatment of unresectable hepatic malignancies in which an ultra-high dose of anti-cancer drug is administered to the liver via the ...

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810 Seventh Avenue
Suite 3505
New York, NY 10019

tel: ((212) 489-2100
fax: 203-961-0120


Investor Relations

EVC Group
Doug Sherk
tel: 415-896-6820
e-mail: dsherk[at]evcgroup.com


Exchange: NASDAQ
Industry: Drug Delivery
Market Cap: $380.9M

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