Marmion Air Service specializes in Explosion-Proof Heating, Ventilation, Cooling Pressurization and chemical filtration solutions for mission-critical applications. Our reputation is based on superior equipment and service, from south Texas and Louisiana refineries to drilling rigs and chemical plants in Saudi Arabia and South America. Our products are designed for application in Petro-Chemical, Industrial, Agricultural, wastewater, pulp and paper, elect., medicine, and Aerospace. Marmion Air Service commenced operation in Texas in 1998 in residential and commercial HVAC service. The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation -- TACLA019367C -- recognizes the company as a contractor in the field of Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning. The company is in the process of working towards third party certifications on selected manufactured equipment.

Contact Information

9103 Emmott Road
Building 6 Suite A
Houston, TX 77040

tel: 713-466-6585
fax: 713-466-6742


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Exchange: OTCBB
Industry: Diversified Utilities
Market Cap: $998,150

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