Robert Rosner, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Rosner is uniquely suited to the position of Chief Executive Officer of Wataire International Inc. He joined the company as a Director in 2003 then ascended to the Presidency before assuming the CEO chair in August, 2005. Robert is well-known throughout North America as a dynamic and intuitive business leader and venture capitalist with over 25 years experience building great companies from the seeds of great ideas through introduction to the capital markets. He is familiar with all aspects of SEC and Canadian Securities rules and regulations, and public company filing and reporting requirements. His public company experience spans the mining and O&G resource sectors, as well as high tech and consumer goods. Of particular relevance to his role leading Wataire through the building, funding and profiling process are his skills as a marketer and communicator. He has authored sales and marketing books, and developed and led sales leadership training programs. Before joining Wataire full time as CEO, Robert worked as President and Director of several leading public companies and sat as Director for several others. Wataire will continue to benefit from Mr. Rosner’s unique skill set as the company moves through an exciting period of expansion and increased capitalization.

Richard Jordan, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Jordan has served as the Company's Secretary, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer since August 19, 2005. He resigned as the Company's Secretary on September 27, 2006. He has been a member of the Company's board of directors since August 2005. He has been a Certified General Accountant since 1974. Since May 1999, Mr. Jordan has also been an independent management consultant providing administration, finance and management support to a variety of small and medium sized businesses. From November 1999 to December 2001, Mr. Jordan was a director of Franchisemaster Technologies Inc., a public company traded on the Canadian Venture Exchange. From June 2000 to February 2001, Mr. Jordan was the Chief Financial Officer of VOIP Telecom Inc., a telecommunications company whose shares have been traded on the OTC Bulletin Board. From January 1999 to February 2001, Mr. Jordan was the Corporate Secretary for Island Gold Mines, a junior mineral company listed on the Canadian Venture Exchange. From September 1994 to February 2001, Mr. Jordan was the Corporate Secretary for International Wayside Gold Mines, a junior mineral company listed on the Canadian Venture Exchange.

Don Neumann, (Future) VP Consumer Marketing

Don has spent the last 12 years in the incredibly competitive and aggressive world of Direct Response (Infomercial) marketing. He was responsible for the sales and marketing for these projects. This included Telemarketing where he managed several million minutes of phone time, Fulfillment of several hundred thousand product shipments, Media buying of over $40 million in long-form and short-form Media, and establishment of sales support organizations that sold the Infomercial products in all major store chains in the US and Canada.

Don has also produced and managed Infomercial projects (Purchased Media, set up Telemarketing, Merchant Accounts, and Fulfillment) for major US companies.

Prior to his involvement in Direct Response marketing, Don was a Key Account manager for several consumer product lines and worked with most of the major US Retailers.

Board of Directors:

Robert Rosner,
Chairman of the Board

Richard Jordan

Advisory Board:

Professor James Marsden, Ph.D.

Distinguished scientist and food safety and security expert Dr. James Marsden has been named as the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board for Wataire International, a leading water safety technology company. Dr. Marsden currently serves as Regent’s Distinguished Professor and Associate Director of the Biosecurity Institute at Kansas State University (“KSU”). KSU has placed a major emphasis on food safety and security. The research and educational activities at KSU address issues that directly impact human health, agricultural security and the economy. The university is the site of the Biosecurity Research Institute and the National Agricultural Biosecurity Center.

“Wataire is privileged to have a scientist with Dr. Marsden’s expertise and experience to help advise the company on public health and safety and security issues relating to the production of safe drinking water. Our technology is uniquely suited to provide safe drinking water to consumers in North America, but also has implications for improving public health in developing countries throughout the world. Dr. Marsden’s interest in addressing problems associated with the shortage of abundant and safe drinking water make him the ideal person to oversee the company’s Scientific Advisory Board,” stated Robert Rosner, CEO of Wataire.

One of the core technologies for Wataire involves the production of safe drinking water from humidity in the air. This allows for the placement of systems in remote locations where the availability of water is limited. Dr. Marsden will advise Wataire on issues relating to the production of water for consumer products; products sized for large commercial applications; government and military systems; remote systems designed to produce drinking water and sanitation in developing countries.

Dr. Marsden stated, “The Wataire system can produce safe water that is free of harmful micro-organisms and chemical contamination. The need for safe, pure drinking water is universal. This technology could reduce illnesses and mortality associated with unsafe drinking water in developing countries and also addresses the consumer demand for safe water in the United States and other developed countries. In addition, it is well suited to meet special needs that may arise during national emergencies and in military and humanitarian operations.”

Brian Baker, B.A.

Mr. Brian Baker is a co-founder and President of International Mascot Corporation (“IMC”), one of the largest producers of character costumes in the world, and as such has been involved in the operation design, marketing, finance and manufacture of products for over 25 years.

Mr. Baker has made solid business decisions to attain positive growth for his global company. His solid understanding of the importance of maintaining control over certain niches in the marketplace provided a successful expansion of the company’s operations in the mascot industry. IMC’s operations include a manufacturing and sales facility in Atlanta, Georgia. IMC is developing two other companies, specifically producing multiple products of the same design using state-of-the-art production technology. Mr. Baker has been awarded the Canadian Export Award of Distinction and the Premier’s Award of Distinction.