Foldera, Inc. (FDRA.OB)


Foldera(TM) is the secure and easy-to-use service that instantly organizes workflow. Foldera combines web-based email, a file manager, a task manager, a calendar, a contact manager, and sharable folders into a unified productivity suite, available with a single login from any web browser. Foldera also has the unique ability to instantly sort and file your sent and incoming email, files, tasks, and events into folders, on a project-by-project basis, chronologically and in real time.

Business owners wanting to experience the power of Foldera Activity Folders in their business should register for a beta account at

Foldera expects to generate revenues from the sale of subscriptions and services such as extra data ...

Contact Information

17011 Beach Boulevard
Suite 1500
Huntington Beach, CA 92647-5995

tel: 714-766-8700


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Exchange: OTCBB
Industry: Application Software
Market Cap: $1.8M

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