Headquartered in San Jose, California, Auto Underwriters of America, Inc. is a growing Company, engaged in non-prime auto financing, specialty automotive retailing and direct lending. The Company acquires directly or through intermediaries installment contracts originated by automobile dealers in connection with their sale of new and used vehicles to borrowers with limited credit histories or past credit problems. Auto Underwriters also provides financing programs to automobile dealers through its Web site, autounderwriters.com, which allows dealers to input various fields of information into an online financing application and obtain an automatic credit decision. In addition, the Company operates specialty automotive dealerships and provides direct lending services for the buy here, pay here market.

Contact Information

2670 South White Road
Suite 241
San Jose, CA 95148

tel: 408-270-3587


Investor Relations



Exchange: OTCBB
Industry: Credit Services
Market Cap: $13M

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