American Power Corp. (AMPW), formerly Teen Glow Makeup, Inc., incorporated on August 7, 2007, is an exploration-stage energy company. The Company is engaged in coal, oil and natural gas exploration, development and production. The Company's primary business focus is to acquire, explore and develop coal, oil and gas exploration properties in the United States of North America, with a particular focus on the Rocky Mountains region. On April 9, 2010, the Company entered into agreements to acquire 100% interest in coal property located in Judith Basin County, Montana. The Company's approximately 410 million ton pace coal project in Judith Basin County, Montana, covers 29,000 acres, and facilitates the Company to operate as a domestic energy provider.Company Profile is missing. If you are the IR or Company Representative for this company, please contact Cathy Kidd to update your profile.

Contact Information

American Power Corporation
16 Market Square Centre
Denver, CO, 8020

tel: 720-932-8389
fax: 720-222-5151


Investor Relations



Industry: Unknown
Market Cap: $29

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