AMHN, Inc. owns America's Minority Health Network, a place-based provider of digital video education for medical practices who primarily service minorities. America's Minority Health Network provides a digital platform to increase African-American health education awareness that can increase the longevity and well-being of African-American men and women while providing relevant advertising of related products. America's Minority Health Network has created a viable solution to meet the needs of physicians who are constantly searching for ways to better inform their patients and for advertisers that are searching for ad space to communicate specific products to African-Americans.

Contact Information

America’s Minority Health Network
100 North First Street, Suite 104
Burbank, CA 91502

tel: (866) 634-0039


Investor Relations

Alliance Advisors, LLC
Chris Camarra
tel: 212-398-3487


Exchange: OTCBB
Industry: Information Services
Market Cap: $3.1M

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