BroadSoft provides software that enables fixed-line, mobile and cable service providers to deliver voice and multimedia services over their IP-based networks. The Company's software, BroadWorks, enables service providers to provide enterprises and consumers with a range of cloud-based, or hosted, IP multimedia communications, such as hosted IP private branch exchanges, video calling, unified communications, collaboration and converged mobile and fixed-line services.

For more than 12 years BroadSoft has been providing software to the telecommunications industry that delivers innovative IP-communications services. Today, BroadSoft’s software is deployed in more than 425 telecommunications service providers' networks and empowers them to deliver enhanced, personalized communications and entertainment services to their businesses and residential subscribers. As the industry’s leading IP technology ...

Contact Information

220 Perry Parkway
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

tel: 301-977-9440
fax: 301-977-8846


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Exchange: NASDAQ
Industry: Software Development
Market Cap: $214M

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