Greyson International, Inc. is a research, development and marketing company that markets health and beauty aid products.

Greyson has developed a new delivery method, the Trilexon® system, which will improve the effectiveness of virtually every topical application in today's cosmetic market and every topical drug application.

Greyson's skin care collection featuring the Company's patent-pending Trilexon® delivery system allows active ingredients to work more effectively and last longer on the skin than other products on the market today. All Trilexon® products underwent independent clinical testing performed by world-renowned physician Dr. Peter Pugliese and performed exceptionally well in all parameters. Trilexon® applies to not only cosmetics, but many other topical applications as ...

Contact Information

1200 South Rogers Circle
Suite 11
Boca Raton, FL 33487

tel: 866-473-9766
fax: 561-994-6298


Investor Relations

Investor Awareness, Inc.
James Foy
tel: (847) 945-2222
e-mail: www.investorawareness.com


Exchange: Pink Sheets
Industry: Health Products/Services
Market Cap: $8.4M

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