EVCARCO, Inc. is a new car Franchised Dealership company that was incorporated on October 14, 2008 in the State of Nevada. The company is engaged in selling environmentally conscious automobiles, offering both new electric and pre-owned vehicles, along with financing, warranties, maintenance, and mechanical services. The Company was established to manage several automotive dealerships in multiple cities throughout the U.S. The first location in Fort Worth, TX has been in operation since December of 2008. The second location, in Dallas, TX is scheduled for opening in April of 2010. Currently available products are from Wheego Electric Cars, Inc., manufactured in the US, and The Tazzari Group, produced in Italy.

Contact Information

7703 Sand Street
Fort Worth, TX 76118

tel: (817) 595-0710


Investor Relations



Exchange: OTCBB
Industry: Auto Dealerships
Market Cap: $2M

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