Fairmount Bancorp, Inc. (Company) was incorporated on November 30, 2009 as the proposed holding company for Fairmount Bank (Bank) in connection with the Bank’s plan of conversion from mutual to stock form of ownership. The Company has no assets at March 31, 2010.

The Bank is a community-oriented federal savings bank, which provides a variety of financial services to individuals and corporate customers through its home office in the Rosedale area of Baltimore County, Maryland, and is subject to competition from other financial institutions. The Bank’s primary deposit products are interest-bearing savings, certificates of deposit and individual retirement accounts. The Bank’s primary lending products are single-family residential mortgage loans. The Bank is subject to the regulation of certain Federal agencies and undergoes periodic examination by those regulatory authorities.

Contact Information

8216 Philadelphia Road
Baltimore, MD 21237

tel: (410) 866-4500


Investor Relations



Industry: Unknown
Market Cap: N/A

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