Sabre Industrial is a shell company in that it has no or nominal operations and either no or nominal assets. At this time, Sabre Industrial's purpose is to seek, investigate and, if such investigation warrants, acquire an interest in business opportunities presented to it by persons or firms who or which desire to seek the perceived advantages of an Exchange Act registered corporation. The Company will not restrict its search to any specific business, industry, or geographical location and the Company may participate in a business venture of virtually any kind or nature. This discussion of the proposed business is purposefully general and is not meant to be restrictive of the Company's virtually unlimited discretion to search for and enter into potential business opportunities. Management anticipates that it may be able to participate in only one potential business venture because the Company has nominal assets and limited financial resources. This lack of diversification should be considered ...

Contact Information

330 Clematis Street
Suite 217
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

tel: (800) 341-2684


Investor Relations



Industry: Unknown
Market Cap: N/A

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