Power3 Medical Products, Inc. (OTCBB: PWRM, www.Power3Medical.com), is a leading proteomics company engaged in the commercialization of protein biomarkers, pathways, and mechanisms of diseases through the development of diagnostic tests and drug targets for cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Power3’s patent-pending technologies are being used to develop screening and diagnostic tests for the early detection and prognosis of disease, identify protein biomarkers, and drug targets. Diagnostic tests are targeted toward markets with critical unmet needs in areas such as breast cancer and neurodegenerative disease. Power3 has signed its first distribution agreement to provide its blood serum diagnostic for breast cancer, BC-SeraPro™, in twelve Middle Eastern countries before the end of 2007. Power3 operates a state-of-the-art CLIA certified proteomics laboratory in The Woodlands (Houston), Texas. The Company is preparing to commercialize its IP portfolio, centering on the 543 biomarkers the ...

Contact Information

3400 Research Forest Drive
Suite B2-3
Woodlands, TX 77381

tel: 281-466-1600
fax: 281-363-7935


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Exchange: OTCBB
Industry: Unknown
Market Cap: $10.8M

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