CyberDefender Corporation believes that its Internet security technology offers the earliest possible detection and most aggressive defense against Internet security attacks. CyberDefender believes that it is the only Internet security software company to combat spyware, viruses, phishing and dangerous spam by using a secure client-to-client distributed network, enabling protection that the Company believes is unparalleled in speed and flexibility. Products employing the early detection technology include CyberDefender’s safeSEARCH™ Toolbar, CyberDefenderFREE™ 2.0, CyberDefender Early Detection Center™ 2.0 and CyberDefender Early Detection Center FamilyPak Edition. All these products are fully compatible with Microsoft’s Vista Operating system and available at http://www.cyberdefender.com.

CyberDefender Corporation is a provider of Internet security software, utilities and Live PC Support ...

Contact Information

617 West 7th Street
Suite 404
Los Angeles, CA 90017

tel: 213-689-8631
fax: 213-689-8639


Investor Relations



Exchange: NASDAQ
Industry: Security Software & Services
Market Cap: $85.8M

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