The Company is an energy and technology company that deploys proprietary systems and technology to gasify low value fuels to replace high cost energy and chemical products sold to major global markets. The U-GAS® technology, which the Company licenses from the Gas Technology Institute, is designed to turn high-ash coals and waste coal products into high value synthesis gas for use in chemical applications or as a feedstock for producing transportation fuels. The technology gasifies coal without many of the harmful emissions normally associated with coal combustion plants. The Company currently has offices in Houston, Texas, Shanghai and Beijing, China. For more information on the Company, visit http://www.synthesisenergy.com or call (713) 579-0600.

Contact Information

6330 West Loop South
Suite 300
Houston, TX 77401

tel: 713-579-0600
fax: 713-579-0610


Investor Relations



Exchange: NASDAQ
Industry: Specialty Chemicals
Market Cap: $309.5M

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