Xynergy Corp. (XYNG.PK)


The company is engaged in the development and investment of alternative energy technology and the identification, marketing and utilization of applications for such technologies. The company has identified several business sectors that these technologies can serve, including restaurants, commercial bakeries, gas stations, and all small businesses, as well as gas engines for automobiles and boats. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the energy industry because it is believed that this technology, which uses water as a power source, is the only one in the world that can turn hydrogen into real power in a cost efficient manner, making it truly an alternative energy solution. The company recently announced that it has retained the services of Joseph Emas to file its form 10 for the purposes of becoming a fully reporting 1934 Act company. Preparations for the audit of the company's books and records has begun, and the company hopes to become fully reporting within 120 days.

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Exchange: Pink Sheets
Industry: Unknown
Market Cap: $532,90

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