(www.egreenstone.com) Greenstone® is in the business of providing a variety of unique chemical technologies that are primarily used in the building and construction industry. The Company's first brand name product, GreenShield(TM), offers a solution for environmental protection for wood based building materials and others such as lumber, logs, plywood, drywall, railroad ties, fencing, and utility poles. It also offers added fire retardancy to the material it is applied to. The $25 billion water damage market is one example of many which GreenShield can find a niche in. Greenstone also exclusively distributes Green-Dri(TM), revolutionary biological dry kiln for drying wood, Permeate(TM), a very unique chemical sealer for metal, concrete, and other construction material, MagneLine®, a very strong polymer cement mortar to repair or reinforce metal and concrete structures such as bridges and highways, and Crystal-Guard(TM), an innovative chemical to make Asbestos safer and easier to dispose.

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Exchange: Pink Sheets
Industry: Unknown
Market Cap: $324,50

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