GlobalOptions Group, with headquarters in New York City and offices in 16 cities, is a provider of high-end risk assessment and mitigation services to Fortune 1000 corporations, governmental organizations and high-profile individuals throughout the world. GlobalOptions Group’s services currently include risk management and security, investigations and litigation support, and crisis management. These engagements take GlobalOptions Group staff around the world and are typically highly-sensitive engagements where GlobalOptions Group is interacting with senior leaders in corporations and governments. Its overall mission is to identify, evaluate, assess, prevent and correct issues that may threaten people, organizations or strategic initiatives for corporations or governments. www.globaloptions.com.

Contact Information

75 Rockefeller Plaza
27th Floor
New York, NY 10019

tel: 212-445-6262
fax: 212-445-0053


Investor Relations



Exchange: NASDAQ
Industry: Management Services
Market Cap: $25.8M

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