Dolan Media Company is a leading provider of business information and professional services to the legal, financial and real estate sectors in the United States. Its Professional Services Division provides specialized services to the legal profession through APC, a leading provider of mortgage default processing services to law firms. Its Counsel Press, LLC, unit is the nation’s largest provider of appellate services to the legal community. The Company’s Business Information Division produces business journals, court and commercial media and other publications, operates web sites and conducts a broad range of events for targeted professional audiences in each of the 20 geographic markets that it serves across the United States.

Contact Information

1200 Baker Building
706 Second Avenue South Suite 1200
Minneapolis, MN 55402

tel: 612-317-9420
fax: 612-317-9434


Investor Relations



Exchange: NYSE
Industry: Internet Information Providers
Market Cap: $451.4M

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