012 Smile.Communications is a growth-oriented communication services provider in Israel with a leading market position, offering a wide range of broadband and traditional voice services. Its broadband services include broadband Internet access with a suite of value-added services, specialized data services and server hosting, as well as new innovative services such as local telephony via voice over broadband and a WiFi network of hotspots across Israel. Traditional voice services include outgoing and incoming international telephony, hubbing, roaming and signaling and calling card services. 012 Smile.Communications services residential and business customers, as well as Israeli cellular operators and international communication services providers through its integrated multipurpose network, which allows it to provide services to almost all of the homes and businesses in Israel. 012 Smile is a 72.4 % owned subsidiary of Internet Gold Golden Lines Ltd. (Nasdaq: IGLD - News) one of Israel's ...

Contact Information

25 Hasivim Street
Petach-Tikva, 49170

tel: 972 7 22002111
fax: 972 9 892 4343


Investor Relations



Exchange: NASDAQ
Industry: Diversified Communication Services
Market Cap: $253.7M

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