Industrialex is a provider of protective coating services to a broad range of companies in the manufacturing industry. Our services include the application of chemical adhesions, conformal coating, shielding, e-coating, powder coating, liquid painting and screen printing, to four categories of general products: metal, plastic, glass and printed circuit board assemblies. These various adhesion processes provide many benefits including enhanced general aesthetics and protection from hostile environments, corrosion and electrostatic discharge. The markets we serve include automotive, high technology, medical, aerospace, defense, consumer electronics, data storage, semiconductor, transportation and general manufacturing.

Contact Information

6250 Joyce Drive
Arvada, CO 80403

tel: 1303-456-6847
fax: 1303-420-3460


Investor Relations

e-mail: pnapoli@industrialex.com


Exchange: TSX-V
Industry: Application of Chemical Adhesions of products(metal,plastic,glass& pr
Market Cap: N/A

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