Covalon Technologies Ltd. is a company with advanced medical products that has developed and patented advanced therapeutic biomaterials for wound care and surgical applications and coatings. Polymer chemistry and surface coating technology have been combined to create a range of time-release drug delivery platforms that are applied to many medical devices to treat many critical conditions. A variety of applications for these technologies have been identified and specific products have been developed. The products offer features and benefits providing solutions to many of the problems caused by current devices and their material properties which are used by most medical device manufacturers and suppliers. The problems include infection, poor biocompatibility, and microbial attachment.

Contact Information

405 Britannia Road East, Suite 106
Mississauga, ON L4Z3E6

tel: 1905-568-8400
fax: 1905-568-5200


Investor Relations

e-mail: office@covalon.com


Exchange: TSX-V
Industry: Research and Development of Biomaterials and Biomedical Products
Market Cap: N/A

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