OSI Geospatial Inc. delivers advanced geospatial systems and software that enable shared real-time situational awareness for military, safety and security applications. Our products and services enable our customers to integrate and visualize live data with any combination of sensor data, imagery, maps and charts. This capability provides our customers with enhanced operational performance, safety and security through shared real-time situational awareness. OSI Geospatial systems and software are in use by military, government, and commercial customers around the world. The company is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (OSI) and the Over the Counter Bulletin Board (OSIIF). For additional information please visit www.osigeospatial.com.



Exchange: TSX
Industry: Defense and Aerospace Technology
Market Cap: $18.7M

Contact Information

300-340 March Road
Ottawa, ON K2K 2E4

tel: 613-287-0462
fax: 613-287-0466


Investor Relations

Investor Relations
Jane Hayward
tel: 888-880-9797
fax: 613-287-0466
e-mail: jane.hayward@osigeospatial.com


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