ARI is a leading provider of electronic parts catalogs and other technology enabled services to increase sales and profits for dealers, distributors and manufacturers in the manufactured equipment markets. ARI currently provides approximately 94 parts catalogs (many of which contain multiple lines of equipment) for approximately 70 equipment manufacturers in the U.S. and Europe. Approximately 73,000 catalog subscriptions are provided through ARI to more than 24,000 dealers and distributors in approximately 89 countries in about a dozen segments of the worldwide equipment market including outdoor power, power sports, ag equipment, recreation vehicle, floor maintenance, auto and truck parts aftermarket, marine and construction. The Company builds and supports a full suite of multi-media electronic catalog publishing and viewing software for the Web or CD and provides expert catalog publishing and consulting services. ARI also provides dealer marketing services, including technology-enabled ...

Contact Information

11425 West Lake Park Drive
Suite 900
Milwaukee, WI 53224-3025

tel: 414-973-4300
fax: 414-973-4618


Investor Relations

Brian E Dearing CB/PR/CEO John C Bray VP Gordon


Exchange: OTCBB
Industry: Catalog & Mail Order Houses
Market Cap: $9.9M

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