The Wesdome mining group has been producing gold since 1987. Since 1987 it has put five gold mines into production and assembled strategic property and mining infrastructure in Val d’Or, Quebec and Wawa, Ontario.

Its strategy is one of regional development around existing wholly-owned infrastructure in politically stable, historically proven mining regions. Its vision is to provide investors with exposure to a growing, unhedged gold production profile in a rising gold market.

Over the last two years, the group has undertaken an initiative to consolidate its assets under a single corporate umbrella – WESDOME GOLD MINES LTD. In 2006, the Company produced 52,000 ounces of gold and enjoyed ...

Contact Information

8 King Street East
Suite 1305
Toronto, ON M5C1B5



Investor Relations

Donovan Pollitt
e-mail: invest@wesdome.com


Exchange: TSX
Industry: Mining
Market Cap: $209.7M

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