Raptor Networks Technology, Inc. has developed the world's first "distributed core" network switching architectures, all open-standards based, that benefit networks that provide newer latency-sensitive services such as video, VOIP, high speed server and storage clustering and the like. This patent-pending Distributed Network Switching Technology enables new network build outs and performance upgrades of traditional chassis-based installations in a highly cost effective manner. Management believes that the unique advantage Raptor provides is speed over distance: data transport at wire speed, in hardware, between spatially separated network elements. Enhanced network reliability, lower power consumption and reduced form factor combine to enable significant savings in both acquisition costs as well as operating expense. Raptor's network switching products engender the feature set and versatility to run the most advanced new data applications.

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1241 East Dyer Road
Suite 150
Santa Ana, CA 92705

tel: 949-623-9305
fax: 949-623-9400


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Exchange: OTCBB
Industry: Business Services
Market Cap: $44.2M

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